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We represent well-known brands trusted by consumers and professionals in Europe, Asia, Middle East the USA in more than 50 countries.
Our portfolio includes a wide range of products with more than 60 SKUs to cover every need of our customers.



Richard Tea is a collection of the finest black, green and herbal Royal teas, carefully selected from plantations around the world.


Our blends are made in the traditional English style, each with a delicate touch, carefully combining selected teas with aromatic herbs and spices. Richard Tea delivers all the subtleties of Royal flavour.

Richard Tea
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Amazing Curtis blends, unexpected combinations of berries and fruit pieces that reveal their taste and aroma when brewed, give a variety of exquisite, bright flavours and aromas.

Drinking a cup of Curtis tea is a pleasure from the moment of being with yourself and dreaming.

Curtis motivates people to dream and make their dreams come true.

Curtis. Choose for yourself.

Curtis Tea


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COFFESSO is the Italy where taste and art meet together. The hand of a virtuoso Barista artist reveals the secrets of coffee craft, and coffee beans are processed using the latest roasting technologies. This is why coffee is more than a drink for us. Hot and energizing, a personal masterpiece of coffee. The preparation of each cup is a work of art. And we invite everyone to become the author of their own masterpiece.

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